WEEK 5 – MKMMA – What you think about…you bring about

Thank you for dropping in for a BOO!! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate the day!

I have been revisiting MKMMA right back to the beginning the last few days and confirming that I have completed all the assignments. Honor and tangible. I am very pleased to say that I have done MY BEST! Now having said that, I strive for perfection and when I fell short of that, my old blueprint decided that I needed a little shot in the arm!

And today I got the shot!!


I was scheduled Jan 6th for a MRI of my head! NO.. not to check out my subby!! Mind you…it would be interesting if they could do that, wouldn’t it? I’d been a bit antsy about how long I was going to have to wait, even considering a private clinic! Then last night one of my clients suggested that I call the hospital and get on the cancellation list. Well low and behold before I could do that, they called me this morning to ask if I was available to come in for 1:50 today!! Well I just about jumped into the phone to hug the gal! Now… she was very surprised at the “ENTHUSIASM” (Mark’s quotey fingers that Davene likes so much!) that I displayed for what I’m sure most people would rather not have!

Hubby and I get to the hospital early to register, I got gowned and ready! I waited, and waited, and waited,…no biggy, I was just grateful they could take me. A very kind young nurse came from behind a glass sliding door and called my name. I jumped up ready to go, only to be told it would be another 20 minutes. Super…thank you I said.

May I ask you a question? Absolutely was her response! What am I going to experience in this machine? She told me it was going to be loud, I would have ear plugs in, my head would  be clamped firmly so my head didn’t move around, keep your eyes closed so head would be still and it would be 20 minutes!

Now here’s more quotey fingers, She stepped back to tell me,”If you meditate for 20 minutes, the time will fly by.” Well I just about laughed myself silly!! One part of MKMMA that challenges my old blueprint are my 20 minute sits!!


I wasn’t nervous before but waiting started to build up some anxiety in my solar plexus! Now having said that it could have been the TV that was playing the Food Network the whole time we waited and not the thought of the MRI. I had to laugh at what they were cooking…everything white and sickly sweet!  A recipe to put people into the hospital!!

I successfully made it through the 20 minutes of loud banging and different tones to be greeted by this same gentle nurse who congratulated me on my 20 min meditation and how great I did for the first time in the MRI machine.

I had told her about MKMMA and how we were to sit for 20-30 min. daily and how that was a challenge for me. She softly told me to make it a priority for it would calm and focus my mind and body. (She was a gift!) We both laughed when I asked her if I could come back daily to have my uninterrupted 20 minute meditation!! That in 5 weeks this was my best sit to date.

I think about my sits all the time and I got the shot in my arm that I needed!

Success be You Journey!!

Camille Bowling


18 thoughts on “WEEK 5 – MKMMA – What you think about…you bring about

    • For sure, it’s interesting. Sometimes I think I don’t focus enough on it. But everyday I do my best. And like you say the light bulb gets brighter by the day. Thanks for the comment
      Cheers Debra

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  1. Awesome blog Miss Camillia! Great story. Greater lesson. Isn’t life just grand and what comes to us, is what we have to “do it do it do it” with. Bless you and keep those events coming!!
    ❤ Laura @Laura_MasterKey

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    • Thank you Miss Laura! I feel like a southern Belle! There is most definitely a lesson, even in each breathe that we take! We just do it, do it, do it, all will come without even having to think about it. All will be second breathe to us.

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  2. What a great blog to start my morning. It is amazing how things are coming together for you, and I am glad for you. I hope your sits are more beneficial to you, as it is true for us all to spend more time in our thoughts or in just silence. I petition that the results bring you to a speedy recovery.

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    • Hi Julia. I’m a business partner of Camille’s and so appreciate what you said to her.
      I to am experiencing many things coming together. This is good work, HARD, uphill, BUT very liberating and empowering.
      You have an awesome day. Thanks for being an encouragement to Camille and me!!
      When we mastermind it all pools together maravelously.

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  3. Thanks for your wonderful “Boo” into your MKMMA experiences. I smiled as I read your descriptions…nice job. Cheering for your health, happiness and continued good humour. You are a gem.
    Looking forward to the next chapter already.

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    • Hey you’re welcome Phil.

      The pages of the press release got all messed up when Peter was holding them and the wind caught the folder. Landed everywhere!! The chapters seem out of place now and a little confused to say the least. Peter is meeting up with me on Thurs to do the interview again and this time it’s going to PRINT before the wind blows! Cheers


  4. Thank you Dennis,

    I do enjoy a good sense of humor, I have to say I’m all in with MK and life. I love the way MK shakes up our SUBBY and rattles up my bad habits, opinionated, controlling, negative, Oh is that me I’m talking about? Uh yah,….OK where’s my sense of HA HA gone….I am so inspired!!! I form good habits and become their slave

    Cheers and here’s to a fantastic week.


  5. Excellent story Camille 🙂 I have been through MRI’s before, and it was somewhat of a challenge to remain perfectly still in a small tube like that. I can definitely see how the masterkey exercises would now make that a piece of cake!


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