WEEK 9 – MKMMA – “Thought is the Blossom”

Knock, knock, who’s there? 

blossom of thought

Me! I’m finally back. Welcome to my blog. I’m grateful you decided to pop in and see me.

Well I’m a little behind the 8 ball on this post. My thoughts have been a tad scattered the last couple weeks. It’s been like a playing a game of pool. Place all the balls on the table, align them perfectly in the triangle, circle them once or twice, find the dot and carefully lift so as not to move the balls. We’ve probably all done that at least 1 time. That’s the easy part. The next step is to line up, break the balls, strategically placing them so you can finish the game with determination and focus, as quickly as possible without missing the pockets.

I think my queball slipped on the break, scattering the balls in all directions!! That’s how I felt when I  heard my old blueprint in my head this week. Then I quickly substituted new thoughts and it changed my results. Oh how it feels so good to know that positive thoughts destroy negative thoughts.

Being fully aware of my thoughts feels good.  Knowing, “Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort.” is very inspiring. I’m  a student of spiritual growth, for I am the leading lady in my movie! .

“Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action, so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you will certainly and inevitably make or unmake yourself, and joy or suffering will be the reward.”

I’m so grateful for MKMMA in my life. I have ah-ha moments on a regular basis and some of the lessons are slow to come for me, but I have learned to be in gratitude, it takes so much pressure off my daily living. Many thanks to Rex for his heartfelt words of encouragement I was needing at that exact time! Perfect my friend!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!! And RICH!

whole perfect



17 thoughts on “WEEK 9 – MKMMA – “Thought is the Blossom”

  1. Camille you write so expressively. Thanks for your THOUGHTS put on paper to also facilitate someone else’s journey.
    Thoughts wire and fire and it occurs between other minds, not just in our own.
    Bless you on your journey.

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  2. I like your analogy to a game of pool Camille! Remember the first time you played? Compare that to your game today (of course I am making the assumption you play, based on your words). I bet it is a night and day difference. Same with our journey in this class. We started as clueless youngsters, barely able to see over the edge of the table. We are at the point now where we have actually played two or three games…

    Keep with it. The holidays can take a lot of energy, focus more on what Camille wants rather than what others EXPECT Camille to do!

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  3. Never playing pool with you Camille! lol. Nice job on the post tho’. Know that each post you publish inspires others to keep going onward and upward and in that knowing is your believe of achieving your purpose as long as you persist. Smile and make it a great weekend!

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  4. Thanks Dennis.
    I know that I am a persistent person that sometimes has to chip the cement to get back on track. I always keep my PROMISES!
    Oh really…the next time I’m on the Island visiting my friends and in your neck of the woods I’ll bring the pool table! LOL Game on! LOL


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